"Thanks for the hard work, you possess the type of commitment to personal and professional excellence which I believe is very rare. I admire and appreciate the opportunity to work with you, and see it in action. And regardless of the $$ figures or the ill feelings that may or may nor persist between [REDACTED] and myself, I came away feeling like a total winner!"

"Rottman knows employment law. If you've got a good case, he'll know it. If you've got a dog, he'll know it. Either way, he'll probably get it settled."

"Steve Rottman is a superb mediator, unquestionably at the top of the employment mediation field. He is completely and intensely invested in the process. He vigorously, but respectfully, challenges and educates all parties to recognize the risks and realities of their positions. He is incredibly sharp, passionate, and intent on achieving positive results."

"I don't know how you did it, but did it you did."

"Steve Rottman is great. I don't think you could go wrong with him."

"Steve Rottman was the assigned mediator on a case through the Appellate Mediation Program. It was a case that I never believed would settle (especially considering the procedural posture). Steve was fabulous - I can't say enough good things about the way he handled the mediation."

"I like Steve Rottman and recommend him for any employment case. He was instrumental in settling a racial discrimination case I had last year and demonstrated outstanding knowledge and skill to follow up on matters unfinished in the initial mediation of a tough case."

"You settled the case I never thought would settle. Thanks."

"You did a great job putting my client at ease and delivered hard news without making him feel defensive. You kept him engaged in the process and dealt well with the emotions, and somehow got the case to settle at a price nobody was happy with - which means it was a good settlement."